The Case Against Liberal Politics

dawn j bennett on liberal politicsHave liberal policies negatively affected the economic prosperity of some citizens in the United States? In a recent radio interview with author Jason Riley, author of Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed, financial expert Dawn J Bennett explores this exact question. Six years into a liberal White House administration led by the nation’s first black president, Riley’s new book offers a fresh look at just how beneficial the liberal policies continued under the Obama Administration have been. Specifically, he evaluates the extent to which blacks in America have been harmed, rather than helped, by these policies.

As Riley notes, the majority of the black community overwhelmingly supports the Democratic Party, largely as a result of the Republican Party’s previous stances on equal rights and their current lack of outreach. However, the Republican Party’s shortcomings don’t necessarily mean that the liberal philosophies of the Democratic Party are ideal for blacks, either. According to Riley, liberal policies implement inappropriate incentives that help perpetuate dependence, rather than cultivate the skills and attitudes that could help struggling blacks break free from economic hardships. Riley cites open-ended welfare and other programs that stemmed from Johnson’s Great Society initiative as examples of such ineffective policies. As Riley states, the compassionate, yet ultimately stifling nature of liberal politics continued and expanded upon by today’s liberal politicians have yet to result in any meaningful upward mobility for the majority of the nation’s black citizens. Both Bennett and Riley were left to wonder what alternative outcomes could result if only the government would finally lift the “liberal boot” from the black community.