‘New Normal’ is nonsense, Dawn J. Bennett Writes In Swamp-Draining Study



Financial expert Dawn Bennett has a problem with the so-called “new normal” expectations she feels have been “spoon fed” to U.S. citizens over the past eight years by this county’s previous political administration. Complicit in the problem are “nonsensical” market reactions, talking heads pointing to it as “proof” and central banks backing up an unsustainable bubble.


Compounding the problem, Bennett argues, is that false narrative that President Donald Trump inherited a strong economy after taking the reins of this nation in January 2017.


“Trump himself has muddied the waters by pointing at gains in the DOW and issuing executive orders at such dizzying speed that it seems that progress must surely be happening,” she states. “And it’s true that his plans for reigning in regulation, rationalizing tax policy and encouraging the repatriation of American manufacturing seem to offer the promise of growth.”


Now here’s the rub: Trump — despite his best intentions — is being set up to fail by the financial elites, the globalists that have been running the Obama administration’s economic policy and the Federal Reserve.


“Our Humpty-Dumpty economy is bound for a great fall, regardless of the current president’s best intentions, and the most deeply important question of the next four years is who is going to be putting the pieces back together, and how they do it,” Bennett states.


As Bennett sees it, there are four plugs to pull as part of Trump’s campaign claims of “draining the swamp.”


Swamp No. 1: Massive and uncontrolled national debt. According to Bennet, there’s no agreement in Washington on how to control, reduce or even maintain our mounting national debt. According to the Congressional Budget Office, interest on the national debt is going to balloon and become greater than all other budget spending categories by 2050.


Swamp No. 2: The hidden fiscal gap. Our off-the-books obligations are estimated to fall between $50 to $100 trillion. Do you know what this is comparable to? A hidden credit card bill containing purchases the government has made for decades and keeping out of public view.
“This is something else that President Trump will be forced to address if he wants to strengthen and rationalize our economy and financial system,” Bennett said.


Swamp No. 3: Short-term debt maturity. In the next 48 months, $12 trillion will need to be printed or borrowed at a higher interest rate to pay holders of maturing U.S. Treasuries. What’s more, 60 percent of the nation’s $20 trillion in public debt is coming due, and will be payable during Trump’s first term.


“If anyone can figure out how to find this money, it is Donald Trump, and I hope he’ll do it smartly and not just continue printing dollars, which will likely weaken in the face of the difficulties we’re facing,” Bennett said.


Swamp No. 4: S suppressed double-digit inflation. Low gross domestic product as kept our wages and prices low for decades. As growth strengthens, both will soar and so will inflation. According to Bennett, Trump’s infrastructure and modernization projects plus plans to rebuilt the military “military will inject hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy, which again could easily lead to double-digit 1970s style inflation.”


“This is not the time to stay complacent and start humming “’Happy Days Are Here Again.’ It is, instead, time to gird your loins and make tough choices about how to protect your hard-earned wealth,” Bennett said. “Look at cash and precious metals, look for ways to preserve what you have during what seems certain to be a very rocky 2017 and beyond.”

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